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Beach conversation



Should we stay here?

for the day, maybe,

or forever,

roots in my boots

have enslaved me,

but one can dream



IMG_9230I wake up at midnight

It’s not even the middle of the night !

Worries are floating in the air

doing their best to distract me

I would prefer going back

in the dark ink of the night

in my tranquille sleepy eyes

The weight of things

Joe, an enthusiastic surfer, joins us at the cafe, in the port. He says he is helping his stepmother empty the basement of her house, overflowing with  collections of her late husband: toys, beer bottles, stamps, National Geographic, in short, more or less everything that he could collect.  This gruelling process requires them to send the  collections to  Britain to be sold at auction. He  believes they won’t find anybody  in New Zealand who can buy as many items. He then  told us  that when his first wife died, he felt able to get on with  his life only  when he  gave away  all they had in common. He met his second wife recently and they have  ended  up with two of everything : they even share a dozen bikes. He therefore concludes,  simply and philosophically :  too much stuff, too much food, too much booze. It pretty much sums up the feeling that overcomes me more and more  often when I am in  big cities (but not only) and  find myself in a mall or other crowded area of shops. At   first, I am  delighted by the novelty, but then I quickly feel overwhelmed by the weight of things and food, we are constantly exposed to. Then I see the same  stuff sold in charity shops, and tell  myself that I  could easily furnish an entire house with what is there but, above all, that the earth could take a ten year  break to release the earth of  the surplus that we seem to have accumulated. Buying anything has therefore become for me an increasingly complicated  process. Thanks to Joe, I feel a little less alone.