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Good bye Sicily

Market che Ballaro


Ortigia, the port


quattro canti, Palermo



What I did not like: not having done everything that had been planned. Having a cold . Having  little contact with the Sicilians (other than  Alessio). Palermo Airport and Air Italia. The camera that did not behave  and forgetting  the camera the day I went to the capella palatina (even if the camera would have been unable to capture its  beauty).
What I liked: Everything! The cities, the sea, the mix of cultures, particularly in Palermo. The Sicilian identity, which seems real  to me, although I am unable to describe it. Markets, shop windows in  Palermo which are like works of art. When I get rich, in another life, I will go to vintage shops, antique shops and art galleries in  Palermo.


Taormina (Sicile)


IMG_0551.JPGIMG_0487.JPGIMG_0575.JPGThere is a train that goes “directly” from Naples to Taormina? Really ? I thought, naively perhaps, that Sicily was an island separated from the rest of Italy by the Mediterranean. Are there a bridge, a secret track which I know the existence? When I asked the controller if I have to change trains en route, the answer is categorical: it goes directly to Taormina. However, all official posts of the train mention Palermo and other cities, but never Taormina. And the train will simply go on the ferry going to Sicily. The first part of the trip is therefore to listen most attentively all posts and seriously wondering if I’ll get there. Then I see the sea, waiting thirty minutes, then the train is firmly committed to the rails of the ferry and so we set off for Sicily. All passengers must get off and I can well see some Italy disappear while another appears quickly. After a voyage of thirty minutes, the ferry and the train arrives at Messina. Passengers back on the train and arrive soon in Taormina. Then jump in a taxi to get to airbnb of Taormina, near the gates of the old city. The main reason for this decision is the nearby Mount Etna. Unfortunately, when I arrived, the weather is rainy and we can see the mythical Mount.

So I am walking in the old city and, despite the rainy weather, the city is a little too chic still wonderful. I find the beginning of a mix of cultures that make this part of the world: the Roman world and the Greek world. It is very beautiful Greek mosaics scattered throughout the city, a small Roman theater and a magnificent Greek theater, which is not in remarkable condition. Especially the atmosphere in the air and the splendid view of the sea that are in the upper tiers that my breath away.
At the edge of the cliff, numerous upscale hotels strangely reminiscent of the vision of Italy that is found in Hollywood films of the fifties and sixties. Hoteliers do not miss also not list the very long list of American stars and famous writers who have stayed there. Very nice city then, but not quite Sicily I imagine. This judgment, anyway is very short, and as I was not able to go on Mount Etna, it’s time to go on the train.