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Adios Saldinia



In Sardinia, I liked: The sweetness of Santa Teresa di Gallura, its clear waters, the bell ringing the passage of time and seemingly  slowing it  down, the rock formations of Capo Testa, hearing the Sardinian language  Crossing  Sardinia  from north to south and discover its  rugged and mysterious landscape. Discovering  a small university town on top of a mountain in the middle of forests. The apartment airbnb overlooking the beach rena bianca (I want it,  I want it , I want it). Discovering Cagliari, its energy, meeting Enrico, the  airbnb host. I feel almost at home already on the second day when the greengrocer, who sees me for the second time, do not look at me with suspicion and wishes me a good day. The stones of Sardinia.
I did not like: the wrong  bus timetable from the tourist information, in Santa Teresa (note to self :  write a post about the ups and downs of public transport). Walking under the scorching sun with twenty kilos of luggage in the hills and come across the cousin of the airbnb hostess who did not show up  (note to self : write  a post about the ups and downs of airbnb). The lady at the tourist information Cagliari (note to self :  write a post about the job description in the tourist information offices). Loosing photos of the city from the ferry going to Naples.