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img_2134Like two friendly shadows

in the midst of December

and the sand, uncertain,

and our hearts, so tender,

our enemy’s  in the kitchen,

let’s try to understand,

without touching each other s hands




Scraps of paper (13) Togetherness






On the beach


On the peninsula of the brokens,

While taking his arm:

Of course, I will not forget

these moments, this hand,

we are a memory that lasts.

Of course, I will not cry (she said)

I understand your destiny,

Then the wave buried the end

(on  Rabbit Island)


The good sorts

clearwater3On Sunday evenings,  6:55 p.m. is the television moment   I look forward to the most during the week. Why? It’s the end of the news  in New Zealand, and every Sunday the news end  with “the good sorts. Every week, the public is invited to nominate someone from the community who is kind for  the unique pleasure of being nice. Last week, the good sort  of the week had a cafe in a community where they had to,  probably for economic reasons, to close  the institution dedicated to individuals with mental health problems. One of the occupants was found in the community and  no longer communicating with others until the good sort of the week (whose name I have forgotten) asked him  to grind coffee, and serve some customers. At this point, he  began to interact with customers. Every day, since then,  that man comes to help the boss, have a chat with customers and everyone is happy. These small moments of humanity make me happy  and put me in a good mood for the coming week.


The large hand (that saved you)

lagrandemainWhere did you hide

The side of you

Which would not take a stroll in the fresh air

Which once bit the dust.

This side of you

Which would have  given everything

For an afternoon spent

On a public bench, fingers entwined

With those of the large hand,

that which saved you,

From the abyss, from  despair and

from eternity