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egliseI abandoned all forms of religion long ago although I grew up in the Catholic culture. However, I have retained some affection for churches. I like the way  communities organise themselves around them, I also like the variety of their manifestation: sometimes impressive, to the point of being overwhelming, sometimes majestic or simple. I prefer small, stone or wooden churches. They invite to silence, contemplation. I can hardly resist the temptation to enter, when I find one on my way. I even light up  lanterns,  for the sole pleasure of seeing flames in small glass jars of different colors. Too bad these days, I almost always bump  against a keyed door. It seems that by locking  their doors, churches deprive communities of  moments of solitude and contemplation which would be good for all, whatever their religious tendencies are.




Home :

A place

where there are no ripples on the water surface

A place where I go when things go wrong

A place

where lined notebooks are like a second skin

where words win over  the  hazards

of life and sores