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Stock take (2)


…besides, I have tried to mistake myself about

the meanders of time

I sought

for a long time

to regulate the senses

a little stupid, I know,

I should not overstep

if I do

I will end in disgrace

surely it explains

why I wake up

at a given time

and also fall asleep for that matter

I should not overstep

never overstep the structure

Doing things

at a certain time, etcetera

it saved me sometimes

and sometimes it killed me


Stock take


In the confins of light and shadows

everything that happens

everything that is thought about

within these boundaries and borders

in this beginning and this end

closing the curtains will change nothing

nor open them, for that matter

While walking… (2)



then the staircase going nowhere, half rock, half sand : the throat clinching, anguish, the ineluctable, permanence of certain things (rock) and the crumbling of others (flesh)


While walking (1)


What will he paint on his canvas, the Sunday man, if the wind won’t stop blowing, clinging to the freshly applied colours of his thoughts ? My shoes full of sand, and sad like a Saturday with no sun.


Dentelle (3) haiku






abrupt wind raising

the frail veil  in white laces

just  a man crying


Laces (2)



In the interlaces





of your soft  graces
where pass  all the details
of the breeze and the gales
You guard in your strings
The secrets of the livings
And of all other  things


Laces (1)






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Every morning in the alley
He puts on the displays
To attract some money
Instead of answering the  call

of the new arrivals
Behind the lace curtain
I search for truths that may be certain