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Palermo (Sicily)

Ballaro Market
San Cataldo cupole (arabo-noran architecture)
The only sign of mafia
shop window (or art work)
Ballaro market

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During this interlude in Montreal for  a few weeks I will exchange the proud ducks parading their newborns for squirrels frantically making their provisions, the quiet river for  the vast St. Lawrence, called The” river. I will replace the pink buds, brilliant, by the warm colors of the maple trees, and the fresh spring air by the nostalgic light of autumn, before returning to a summer  I left  more than eighteen months ago.

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It is about getting  used to, again, to living ahead of others, : Sundays, when others are still on Saturdays,  to be in the morning  when Europe is still in the evening, and then to live  in autumn when others are in  spring . But it is also about being on the Pacific and its soft colours, , and that of the  sky, and also  Sundays at the beach when the weather is nice and the sun so hot!

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granada5Farther inland,  is the beautiful city of Granada, located 780 meters above the sea. I am fortunate to spend a few days in the Albayzin, the old neighborhood facing the famous palace Al ‘hambra. In this district the small winding streets, where one can get lost very easily, literally and figuratively, it is sometimes easy to imagine how people lived there a few centuries ago. Small businesses arise around every street, in long narrow buildings where goods are packed. Small tapas and good wine affluence only add to the charm of this little corner of the past that has managed to survive this far. Here, pedestrians are kings and big monstrous cars are struggling to make their way through the narrow streets where walkers will not easily give way.