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Blog merger

For the few bloggers who are still following the English side of poesie visuelle, please note that the two blogs have now merged. The articles in French and in English can now be found on


Poetically yours




The long lines

crack the image

mainly, remake history

behind the first layer

of secret, liquid words,

squeezed of their meanings

in the hard to reach angles

Change to the blog

Visual Poetry and Poesie visuelle have now merged. There are still a few articles to come but I will stop updating this site in early August. Followers of the site will be merged with Poesie visuelle, where the posts in French and in English are posted simultaneously and separately.

Poetically yours

Sylvie G




I have been trying since 2014 to take this native fantail. In principle, however, this bird is friendly enough. My experience of these birds, however, has been different from the description provided in the literature. As soon as I approach one of them, in Christchurch or Nelson, it flies away. Last Sunday, though, when in  Clearwater, I stopped at a church (probably one of the oldest in New Zealand) and,  after taking some pictures, I went down the path behind the building out of curiosity. And suddenly, this friendly little fantail approaches me, all curious (he seems to want to know my name, or if I want to play with him). He twirls around me, lands, lets me take many photos and I cannot believe my eyes. I went home feeling like having a little treasure in the camera.