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While walking… (2)



then the staircase going nowhere, half rock, half sand : the throat clinching, anguish, the ineluctable, permanence of certain things (rock) and the crumbling of others (flesh)


The inquisition in the library

Oh, sir, cried the niece, your worship should have them [the books] burnt  like the rest. For once my uncle is cured of his disease of chivalry, he might very likely read those books and take it into his head to turn shepherd and roam about the woods and fields, singing and piping and, even worse, turn poet, for that disease is incurable and catching, so they say.


Cervantes, Miguel De, Don Quixote, translated by J.M. Cohen, 1950, p. 61


About the necessity of public benches


Who, today, will sit on this bench, ready to receive new stories, the emotion of tears and stealthy hands, regrets and hopes, homelessness and the insolence of seagulls, while watching the ocean.


The old quay



It was January in the clouds and it was cold. It was Sunday and I liked gazing at the possibilities of this tortuous old quay, abandoned quay, its  curves and its past, its not  going anywhere, but the light and the sea.


The wind

1265885624e036ddded1152adf06b3e92107_hb2He wakes up and howls

for the entire afternoon

He won’t forgive

the sheets happily drying

He makes the arms shivering,

of the arrogants, the wind


Out of the cage


He got out of the cage

to become fickle

to stop feeling the time passing

he risked a landing

crash : carnage !