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Tenby has a difficult  relationship with gulls. Many posters ask visitors not to feed them  under any circumstances, as they do not shrink from anything for a piece of food. It is probably in this spirit that  a city (or a village) in Great Britain has recently  fined a woman who had shared a chip  with a gull. I suppose not  everyone shares this view of them.  The fishermen of the port do not seem to mind  their presence and they even throw on occasions  some fish remains. As for me, the gulls of Tenby are one of the reasons why I like to come here. I never tire of watching them at any time of day. They head towards the smallest sign  of what can look like food in a joyful, often cacophonous but lively concert. I continue to take pictures of them, in case this one or that one would be more interesting, and this, even if one of them one day attacked my sandwich. More recently, while I was walking on Tudor Square, a furious man rushed out of a shop shouting against the bird that had taken the fish he had just bought. Okay, they’re nasty, sometimes,  scavengers who are happy to eat anything. Doubtless they are useful in the port, while they cleanse, somehow, the place. And they do not always have an easy life. As  Angus, the storm, hit a part of the country a few days ago, the poor birds were trying to fight the wind (or work it)  in order to feed themselves on what they could find, but they could not, and I suppose that on that day  they simply fasted. It is true that they lack manners, but can they be reproached for not being able to tell the difference between the fish that comes from the fish shop from that floating on the surface of the waters?

*A different take on the same topic on 25th January 2015 “Gwelen”


5 thoughts on “Scavengers*”

    1. We surely do not want them to depend on us. The Tenby seagulls do not seem to, they just help themselves to whatever they find and this includes, catching shellfish and throwing it from very high in the air until it opens, so clever ! I would not share my sandwiches with them but would not mind throwing them my leftovers (I grew up being told not to waste food) 🙂

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