Good bye Sicily

Market che Ballaro


Ortigia, the port


quattro canti, Palermo



What I did not like: not having done everything that had been planned. Having a cold . Having  little contact with the Sicilians (other than  Alessio). Palermo Airport and Air Italia. The camera that did not behave  and forgetting  the camera the day I went to the capella palatina (even if the camera would have been unable to capture its  beauty).
What I liked: Everything! The cities, the sea, the mix of cultures, particularly in Palermo. The Sicilian identity, which seems real  to me, although I am unable to describe it. Markets, shop windows in  Palermo which are like works of art. When I get rich, in another life, I will go to vintage shops, antique shops and art galleries in  Palermo.


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