The wind

1265885624e036ddded1152adf06b3e92107_hb2He wakes up and howls

for the entire afternoon

He won’t forgive

the sheets happily drying

He makes the arms shivering,

of the arrogants, the wind


4 thoughts on “The wind”

  1. Interesting that you see the wind as a “he.” There’s a famous popular song from the american broadway musical “Paint Your Wagon,” (1950s) in which the wind is considered a “she”— “They Call the Wind Maria.” It’s a haunting song sung about men who are far from home and each imagining the wind to be the woman he loves.


    1. Yes, indeed, it is interesting. In fact, I asked myself if it should be a “it”,but never if it should be a “she “, and I suppose I selected the masculine gender because “wind” is masculine in French. 🙂

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      1. Now I am laughing…I never thought of the fact that it is masculine in French! Since we don’t give gender to such things in English, I guess we get to personalize the thingness of neuters depending on our mood at the time… In weather forecasting,they used to give feminine names to all the tropical storms, but now they give both girl and boy names…..out of political correctness! 🙂

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      2. I think, yes, storms are feminine in French too, but yes, it is interesting that for me, it would be very difficult to conceptualise wind as a feminine entity. And then they say that language does not “frame” your mind !

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