Back soon

Visual poetry will be back on August 1st. I am sure I missed some great moments on the blogosphere during my absence, but I had to concentrate on other projects, I needed to recharge my creative energy and I wanted to take a step back from the blog. Now I feel it is a good time to rekindle the poetic fire. I cannot wait to reconnect with bloggers that I have been visiting  regularly. Visual poetry has a new banner which better reflects the spirit of the blog and a new address (but only in French):,  the English side address is the same . Some categories have disappeared and new ones have emerged: haiga and haiku, interpreted in my way, in French and in English. Although some believe English does not lend itself to this type of poetry, I will give it a go, for the sheer pleasure of experimenting.  I also have a category landart . I was inspired by a comment from Laurence Delis, who sent me a link to an interesting site where artists use nature to make art. My version is slightly different, as there is no real human intervention, but corresponded well with moments when I come across natural arrangements which are inspiring. I have revisited older poems to standardise  labels, categories and sometimes renumbered. I also edited a number of poems, which may reemerge at some stage. I hope to start doing the English side soon.

Poetically yours Sylvie G


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