Tonight she will let

the light flickering on

her pillow

and watch her dreams

confide the whole truth

to her very closed eyes


4 thoughts on “Tonight”

  1. I always enjoy your beautiful imagery, Sylvie. Of course I especially enjoy your other site with the French version that rhymes. Because of the way it’s constructed, English has much fewer possible rhymes than French, so it’s harder to do, without sounding cliché….and it often gives a tone that one might not want for the emotional tone of the poem. You have me pondering, this morning. 🙂

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    1. I do not believe it is possible to be faithful and have rhymes (not for me anyway), so I have decided to give a bit of room to the English version to try and find its voice. I am still working on it and hope I will get somewhere one day, or I may decide to write something totally different directly in English, which may be the only way for me to write something with rhymes. In the meantime, I am experimenting, trying to find an alternative rythme. I enjoy the process and am grateful to those, like you, who take time to read the English version.

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