Wordless (19) : Anthropomorphism*


  • attention , this dog is in psychoanalysis
  • this post was inspired by discussions with  the always very nice arlingwoman, with whom I seem to share a tendency to attribute human traits to animals

4 thoughts on “Wordless (19) : Anthropomorphism*”

  1. What a fascinating sign! I wonder if the dog is large or small and whether it barks hysterically or does that noes-wrinkling, teeth-bearing thing at passers-by. But really it’s kind of droll, isn’t it? A tongue in cheek version of ‘beware the dog.’ Thanks for the link!

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    1. To be honest, I think there are no dogs in that house. In the last year, I have seen professionals mowing the lawn and do the weeding. I saw a car twice. I am afraid it is an electronic dog. Thank you for dropping by.


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