The last word (of the year)

Some end of the year thoughts  (no statistics, promised).

New readers have  joined the blog. They come from diversified  backgrounds and  countries and I like it like that. Some visit  every day, others once in a while. Some leave comments, all appreciated, others are more discreet, but overall, the atmosphere of the blog is quite easy, and I hope it will be the same in 2016.
I started the year on a very ambitious note  at the rate of one post  per day, but it became apparent fairly quickly that I could not keep up the pace and I have  therefore gone from seven to four posts per week. There may be fewer posts in  2016, as I wish to complete other projects and the posts (and their translation) take a lot of time. The categories are the same but I hope to add the “piece of paper” category to reconnect with cursive writing. There will be series, because I sometimes like to dig a particular theme, and independent texts, ‘words’, according to the  rhythm of my thoughts and my findings; there will be  texts of prose and poetic texts, which aim and will always aim at evoking  a moment of  “augmented” life  (according to the definition proposed by Kenneth White). A nice challenge to find time in the day where I focus to  capture that elusive instant which however requires some discipline (which is well worth the trouble). The creative process has not  changed. For photos, I like going out, especially on sunny days, but not always, not knowing where my steps are going to carry me. Sometimes I come home empty-handed, sometimes I return with dozens of photos. Sometimes the picture immediately dictates the words or  it is the opposite. Sometimes I find some photos interesting, without being able  to put it into words, and sometimes I have to  wait several months before the words come. Sometimes it is  the words that come first and I have to look for the  photo that will best accompany the text. Sometimes I like a post  that does not cause much excitement in the audience, and sometimes it’s the opposite. Go figure!

As for my projects, I am still working on my  novel that  I hope to finish in 2016. I gave up putting  excerpts on the blog because they are too long to translate. I have another novel that has been in my drawers for a long time that I plan to revisit. I would perhaps like to  put some parts of the blog  in a hardcopy form, but this project is still very vague. Another trip is on the horizon  for the  next New Zealand   spring  (but still vague for the moment). I will take again a few Italian lessons ( and I hope that reading  Italian blogs will help me.)

In the coming days I will put some holiday photos to share the relaxing atmosphere that reigns in Nelson and will be back around January 11th.

I wish everyone a good and poetic end of year. This virtual meeting in 2015 has exceeded all my expectations. May  your dearest wishes come true in 2016.


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