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Thoughts about solitude from last year. In the hope that everybody is with someone they love or in a solitude they like

Visual Poetry

tenby12AtChristmas time, we want to come together and share, which inevitably leads tothe evocation ofthose of uswho are alone, some by choice, some byobligation.Solitude isgood or baddepending on the individual, time of life, or the contextin whichit is experienced. Moreover,it is notalways easyto talk about it  becausethe wordsthemselves seemto hesitatea bit about its meaning. The English language  distinguishesquite wellthe qualityof two states of mind  withloneliness” and “solitude*. In French,  “solitude” is opposedto “isolement”,the second concept emphasising  “being lonely”.“Se sentir seul” (to feel alone),  by contrast, isa statevery clearlythat wewill seek to avoid, while “être seul ”  (being alone) can be experiencedin different ways. The lonely”…

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