The oldest pub



To complete the theme of the week, on the beauty of age, in  Upper Moutere (I do not think there is the Lower Moutere), I thought I would talk to you about a pub that claims to be the oldest pub in the country, established in 1857. At a time when ‘old’  age is not particularly fashionable, it’s interesting to find most  ‘old’ pubs  more interesting than the newer pubs (as well as old cars, old trees, old fencing). It is not necessary to oppose old and new, only to see the charm of each.

On the wall of this old pub, near Nelson, I could not resist the Nelson statistics, in 1843 (pictured). These administrative documents,  that seem to sum up life, a  little like epitaphs,  make me dreamy.  

After a glass of a fresh local white wine, back on  Neudoff road, where one can find everything from vineyards to  mushrooms,  wood carving  and olives. Charming afternoon indeed !


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