Paper (2)



19 thoughts on “Paper (2)”

  1. ah, as I expected 🙂 Someone would do handwriting analysis on that and come up with “interpretations”… a freebie to the followers of that great “science’ called graphology 🙂

    Been a while… hope you are well..


    1. Many, many years ago, when I worked professionally as a calligrapher, my interest in penmanship moved me to study for a certificate as a graphoanalyst. I don’t venture to the psychological side of all that, but it is indeed an accurate and useful tool in tracking down forgeries and hand-written anonymous notes for law enforcement.

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  2. Everyone’s life is more fascinating than my own, Sylvie…at least it seems so to me! It’s an interesting turn of events that a lot of young people here in the USA no longer know how to write a cursive hand….and many can no longer read it!

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