Transparencies (2)

couleursmaoriesTransparency of colours

mingling with soil

with all the warmth

found in stones


4 thoughts on “Transparencies (2)”

  1. I was going to comment on the French blog until I got looking at the photo and realized it would be quite beyond me. This is all about transport (including flip-flops), but where do the fish come in? There are manta rays (skate) and something that looks like a sturgeon, but undoubtedly is not. I could look at this a long time, color aside…

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    1. Thank you arlingwoman. Of course, there is a lot to like about this beautiful Maori mural. The poem fitted in my view in the transparencies series because Maori art is often “transparent” in the way in which it tries to fit in with nature. Otherwise, this beautiful piece called “stayin current” is about how to communicate culture and knowledge (very pertinent, as it is on the wall of the libray). Thank you for dropping by 🙂


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