Icanards1 I was looking  forward, in September, the arrival of the ducklings on the river. I like to see the first days of these little ones who do not understand the world , squawking incessantly, especially when they believe they have lost their babysitter. I was convinced I would see  them before I left, on  September 16th. Even on the day I left, I was hoping to see them before my departure and went  to the river: they should have been there, I could feel some trepidation,  they would appear in a detour … but no. The local newspaper, however, on  the same day, published a picture of a string of ducklings conducted by a rather proud  babysitter . I  often  thought about these ducklings during my stay in Montreal and once I  returned, my first concern was to check where the ducklings were. They  had grown  up, of course, but in their ruffled feathers, one can still  see the traces of their naivety, their propensity to flee humans (while their parents identify them as a source of  food source and show no  fear). They no longer seem to be lost and they will soon have everything they  need to live their independent  duck lives , but they still have the traits of youth and I have promised myself to go and admire them again.






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