Me and my shoes


My shoes (always laced),  like those Felix Leclerc spoke about  in his song,  are well traveled. Once I have adopted a pair, my shoes follow me everywhere, in my wanderings and my commute. I changed  soles, laces and heels of these many times. Cobblers  do not react in the same way, to my way of walking that makes  heels wear  on the left. Some, glad they have  found a great client, who will  return every three months,  offer discounts to retain me. Others advised me not  to remake the sole, believing that it  could still hold a bit. Recently, a cobbler in Nelson redid the heel of my shoe and assured me they would last. I said nothing, because I know that whatever heels one  puts  on my  shoes, it has to be redone every three months. When I returned there some time ago, the  cobbler was  appalled that I had screwed up his work. Unable to get used to  the idea of ​​seeing me in three months, he suggested, rather impatiently, that given the way I walk (his look told me it was not the heels that represented the problem, but me), it would be better to put something stronger  to protect the sensitive area of ​​the shoes. So I found myself  with armored shoes, as in ancient times. My heels will last a little longer, probably not as long as the cobbler hope, but they still  a little longer.


9 thoughts on “Me and my shoes”

  1. I enjoy reading your posts in both French and English, Sylvie, since I have few opportunities otherwise to read French on a regular basis. This story of your shoes is delightful….but I like the French version better, since you made more of the fact that the final cobbler wanted to put metal taps on your heels….I could imagine you taking up tap dancing as your next career! 🙂

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    1. I’m always more comfortable in French than in English. I’m delighted to learn you take time to follow me in two languages. I am honoured by both your visits and your comments 🙂

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    2. I thank you for taking time to follow me in two languages. I am always delighted by your visits and comments. I am always more comfortable in French than in English. I am already dancing (kind of) in my daily walks 🙂

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  2. Ah, Sylvie, it is so good to know someone else who re-heels and resoles her shoes. I have a cobbler who sometimes tells me gently that “it is not worth doing this again,” and I usually take his advice. He has never commented on my wear patterns, however. Now the woman who does my clothing alterations is another story!

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