Words (14)


I like grammar as much as words. Not necessarily the grammar a bit boring we believe to have been invented by grammarians in need of recognition for the French language (I think, for example, of  the agreement of the past participle), which has angered endless  generations of students, but the more subtle one,  that the human mind has built over generations (known in linguistic jargon as “diachronic”) and has deeply transformed  language. This is how the French language became the language we know today, very different from  Latin, especially in terms of its structure. What always fascinates me is to know that these transformations are made by the human mind, which works unconsciously on these structures.
This is what this poster reminded me. Thus, in the same sentence twice has the word “nuit”. The first, preceded by the article “the” is a noun that means “night.” The second “nuit” is a verb which means “to harm”. Two similar containers and two very  different signfications. What a beauty ! (Thank you Montreal)


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