Saint-Hop* (pray for us)

sainthoublonLooking out at random over the rooftops, I thought it was a sign. I tried to imagine the inspiration,  without doubt divine, which once led the saint to macerate hops to make the liquid that would, for centuries to come, make rugby,  hockey or football fans happy, before conquering wine drinkers thanks to artisan  recipes. Where  was he born (in Belgium? In Germany?) I asked myself, this holy man  forgotten by all for the benefit of his invention. By going to the  small pub of the same name, I expected to be greeted by the story of Saint-Hop, which would undoubtedly delight me . The small pub is nice, but no story, and I now  feel a void,  where I  have imagined this saint who does not exist (unless one of my fascinating readers knows something I do not know).

 * In French, “hop” is “houblon”

7 thoughts on “Saint-Hop* (pray for us)”

  1. In the summer of 1963, the magazine Pilote published the 11th volume of the Adventures of Achille Talon. Achille Talon on the cartoon was then going to his early retreat in the Abbey of Saint Houblon during which he was helping the monks to fill up the beer drums…

    Subsequently, Saint Houblon became a popular name for bars, one of which is in the Quartier Latin, but mainly in Canada, the most famous probably being a small brewery in Montreal.

    Hope this helps!

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