Postcard (7)


During this interlude in Montreal for  a few weeks I will exchange the proud ducks parading their newborns for squirrels frantically making their provisions, the quiet river for  the vast St. Lawrence, called The” river. I will replace the pink buds, brilliant, by the warm colors of the maple trees, and the fresh spring air by the nostalgic light of autumn, before returning to a summer  I left  more than eighteen months ago.


5 thoughts on “Postcard (7)”

  1. So you are going to be in Montreal? At first I thought, those little furry tailed rats are in the southern hemisphere! Ugh. Now I know better. But tell me, does it seem odd to talk of the local river as “the” river? We always do here. And sometimes a river of the importance of the St. Lawrence or the Mississippi can be referred to as “the” river for miles around. It’s an interesting point of language and culture as well…

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    1. lol : one must not look at those animals for too long to see the resemblance with rats (I try to focus on the tails). As for the Saint Lawrence, I think, as is the case for Mississipi, the majesty of it is the cause of the name. It is a beautiful river with tides. In some places it is so wide that one cannot see the other side. Nothing to do with the usual rivers. From the linguistic point of view, I would suggest that the use of a generic may have to do with the fact that it embodies all ideas about rivers (but I need to think further about thise). Thank you arlingwoman 🙂

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  2. I know Montreal across a marvelous blog of, I believe, is a mutual friend. It’s a marvelous city populated with touching light and fantastic forests under a mythic mountain, with persons full of life in the marks of their hands and the shine of their eyes, usually waiting or remembering something appreciated.
    I hope you can have a fantastic time there, Sylvie ☺

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