Words (13)


In French, when the heart is large  (avoir un grand coeur), it is generous, when  light, it is rather happy. In English, big hearts are  rather generous, but in French they are rather sad.  In  both languages, though,  when it is heavy, it is sad. Who knows why!


8 thoughts on “Words (13)”

  1. Perhaps a distant echo of the weighing of the heart by Anubis, where if a heart were found heavier than a feather it would be condemned. I guess priests always would be safe.
    In Peru there is a surname in quechua, Soncohuaman, that comes from soncco that means heart and waman that means eagle, so it’s “heart of eagle”, but if it means a brave spirit is lost in time…
    Thank you for a language voyage, Sylvie.

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