The Honesty Box

honesty box

On the roads of New Zealand, as in many other countries, one  can stop one’s car on the side of the road, to buy vegetables, fruits or flowers. I have never seen elsewhere (except in Britain where I have seen “book” version  of this phenomenon): there is no one at the counter. Only an indication of the price and what  is called here a honesty box” in which the   money requested is put.  The version closest to my place  is this little glass jar, where I love to put two dollars, before taking possession of my ten lemons.


12 thoughts on “The Honesty Box”

  1. Interesting, that speak very well of the quality of the citizens. “Taking possession” near the word “lemons” would sound so funny in Spanish because the former is used to conquest countries and worlds, with the latter it would make a smile as did in mine ^_^
    Sadly in my country that would be a risky business practice…

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      1. Who knows, the country is so big that perhaps there are places with something similar. Also is truth that when we see a business with nobody selling people gets a bit angry because in our markets negotiations are quite important.
        Yes, it was ironic 🙂 the mistake was one of reception in my side…

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  2. Just down the road from me an elderly couple sell seedlings – shrubs, flowers, vegetables… hundreds of them. Every pot is $2.50. Not a person in sight – only the “Honesty Box”. I like the fact that you can open the Honesty Box and get change out!

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