If I had a house (2…)

New ImageIf I had a house,

it surely  would be small

with pretty curls of wood

It would never be cold

My friends would visit

And they  would feel good in it


8 thoughts on “If I had a house (2…)”

  1. hmm, the kind of house my wife likes- small and cosy… I wanted a bigger house.. so that friends from all over could come down and stay here comfortably.. now I see that you are both right.. especially since it is empty most times now

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  2. Never cold if inside there is a warm heart. Thanks for share this home made of words, Sylvie ☺ as Coleridge’s poem you would be the kind of person I’d love to translate her dreams of a house in a real design. Greetings from the other side of the Pacific.

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