The solitary duck*


When crossing the bridge to go on the other side of the river, one can daily observe  a couple of black ducks that comes and goes, never far from each other, as if an invisible rope  bound  them to each other. The river is rapidly becoming overrun by Canadian ducks, having grown fond of New Zealand. They invade  the space without paying attention to other inhabitants, whether herons or kingfishers. . Many gulls confusing the sea and the river (which is a tidal river)  also live there.

Then there is the white duck, the only one of his kind. He comes and goes, too, always near the bridge. He lives amidst general   indifference, sometimes a hint of hostility, but most of the time, happy enough to be there, to borrow from time to time  all birds’ favourite branch  to dry its feathers. An I am pleased to watch them all from my observation post.

 * All volatiles names can be freely changed for the words “man”, “woman”, “human”.

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