Words (10)

wordsMy favourite language is the French language, simply because it’s my mother tongue, the one I know best.  I  know  best its   subtle nuances (well, almost all of them), its rhythms and grammar. I love French so much that I became a grammarian (I have been trying  for years, without success, I must add, to convince anyone who would listen to me that  grammar is POETIC). I get upset  with the English language on occasions, because it is  my second language, the one  that  I do not master as well. Still, I am often amazed by its concise  turns of phrases, its evocative words,    which  sometimes resist translation. One of these  word is  “journey”, which means travel,  both literally and figuratively, but  which also evokes the idea of ​​process, in an abstract sense, a meaning we do not have in French words such as “voyage “, “périple”, “expédition”, “aventure”, or “processus” (far too technical).   It is all the more frustrating when one knows that this word comes from the Old French “jornee” meaning at the time of its borrowing,  trip or  working day of twenty-four hours. During its time in the  English language, the word has come to evoke  a more abstract sense, very poetic, that  I can not reproduce as well  in French. What a journey !


2 thoughts on “Words (10)”

  1. Ah! Each language has its own journey indeed! My partner is Romanian/French and has 7 languages (here in Levin NZ!) and half the time I don’t have a jolly clue what’s being talked about because the nuances of each language are transferred into English and nothing makes sense!

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