More than four years after the earthquake that struck Christchurch on 22 February 2011 *, the city still hurts  and is  slow to rebuild. One of the biggest problems is the near destruction of the sewage system and canalisation of the city, which has to  be completely renovated. In everyday life, this means that many roads are inaccessible and those that are are congested. Traffic problems lead to many incidents caused by impatient drivers. I solved part of the problem by taking the decision to go to work on foot, which also allowed me to solve the problem of the disappearance of the gym, after February 22. I admit that the 45 minute walk both ways  put me in a good mood and I look with some compassion at the grumpy driver behind the wheel. On Saturdays, however, I do not have a choice and I have to take the car to go shopping. Every move is a journey that contains its share of unknown: how long it will take, the number of  detours, the time spent  in traffic. Last Saturday, when I was once again stuck on  Victoria Street, while  I was mentally complaining  against the slowness of the traffic, I thought of putting the radio to change my mind. What a good idea it was ! The radio played  folk music and songs of  Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish inspiration. The beauty of this music  transformed the wait in the traffic jam in a magical moment that  I was not  eager to see ending. All was left was a wonderful autumn  afternoon filled with  indescribable brightness and  soothing vibrations. I could not understand  the name of these extraordinary musicians who have transformed my weekly tasks in a surreal moment.

* I am  all the more affected by the earthquake in Nepal which was struck  with an even more devastating force.


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