The Maitai River mates


Several pedestrian bridges cross the Maitai River. The one I take every day look on trees whose branches extend above the river. This is where the mates from the Maitai River meet to soak up the sun or perhaps to tell the latest gossip about  tourists who insist on taking photos (but in truth, I am the main tourist). On the right, I think it is a white heron (but I am far from being certain), a rare species, it seems, that can be seen from time to time  on the banks of the river. I find excuses every day to cross the bridge and I have great pleasure in wondering which of the  buddies will be there.


3 thoughts on “The Maitai River mates”

  1. More than photographed it seems like you would painted it with soft and serene brushes like a Japanese painter. Lovely tale of mirrors with dualities, for say a few up/down, white/black, shadow/light, quietness/movement. Thanks Sylvie.

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