On the road

outaouais3The trip promised to be a little long because of traffic (about three hours) and boring, because of the highway. The driver knowing that, was trying  to chat with anyone who was close enough to his seat,  or being  loud enough to cover the noise of the  engine. After a few hiccups, the lady in front of me starts and we learn that he made several trades before being  bus driver. Amongst other things he was once in the army,  and also worked for an airline. He has opinions on many subjects and mentions other things he has done. The lady, impressed by his experiences, suggests that he should write a book about his life and he says he already wrote one and it’s poetry, that  he published himself. He is not short of explaining   the topics that inspire him  or the creative process: his poems often come to him while driving the bus. As  he said this, suddenly, a beautiful winter sun on the horizon appeared in the window, and the trip that promised  to be long and boring was transformed  into a beautiful moment, thanks to a  bus driver a little more talkative than others.


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