mojacar3 I almost always have my little camera,  not very complicated, to capture images, which will then be enriched by words (or the reverse) to capture the poetry of everyday life, as indicated by the description of my blog. I often have to give up to take a picture due to the limitations of my camera. I can not, for example, capture the beautiful views of Mojácar or the shimmering light on the sea today. I hesitate still to arm me with a more complex device, because I do not know if I can keep the spontaneity that my little machine gives me, but I have to accept that, by doing so,  I will not be able to take all  the pictures that I want. I can live with this  because I’m not a photographer.

These limits of my camera lens does, however, increase my admiration for the wonderful lenses of the eyes (mirror of the soul as well), which happen to eliminate anything that may  “spoil” a photo, to focus on the beauty they  have seen.

Every time I see something I can not take a picture of, instead of being disappointed, I tend to be amazed by the complexity of these two lenses that capture  colors, distance, depth and details, without me even realising it.


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