At Luz’s


Looking for an  apartment for a few days or weeks obliges me to make a list of what is most important (beside the cost, it goes without saying), such as the proximity of public transport, for example.

Those who rent these apartments understand  these needs and ensure they are met. As a  result, the apartments I rent are   generally practical,  but have no soul.

For my short stay in Granada, distraction or fatigue maybe,  I contented myself to check the place for the proximity of  tourist sites and ask Luz, who rents the apartment, if it is far from downtown, where the bus will drop me. She replied that it was close and I forget everything. A few days before my arrival, I entered again into contact with Luz to learn a little more and she told me that I had to take a taxi. She sends me a long list of directions to follow. It is too late to rent another apartment and I am a little concerned. I told Luz that the driver will call her to find out how to get to her place. She will come to meet me, “near the church.”

When the D day came, the taxi enters a maze of small streets and a few minutes later, he stopped near a church where Luz is  waiting, smiling.

Her  apartment is not like the others. It lacks small thing and sometimes it takes imagination to understand how this or that works. But it is bright and the walls are covered with paintings that contrast nicely with the small “frames” that are usually put on the walls of short-term rental apartments.

Besides, it’s Luz who  is the model of most paintings. She does not say so, of course, but when I told her  that I love the pictures, she told me proudly that it is her husband who painted them and quietly directs her  gaze to a woman’s portrait.

Luz thank you!



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