Gwelan* (breton for “seagull”

gwelan3Yesterday, my neighbour asked me if seagulls bothered me. True, they are noisy and sometimes aggressive. I, however, quite like their resourcefulness and adaptability. It does not bother me that they  steal food at  cafes and I enjoy seeing them throwing shells from the air until  they  eventually open. Nothing is lost in the land of seagulls: they bask in the puddles of water heated by the sun and let themselves be carried with outstretched wings, on windy days. They are mocking and gregarious, in short I can watch them  without getting bored for a long time. This does not bother me to be awakened by their taunts morning.

Of course, that’s not what I said to my neighbour. I’m not sure he would understand my enthusiasm for these mischievous scavengers.


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